Shopping where the rich people shop

Saturday as part of an extended shopping trip I went to Phipps Plaza, Atlanta's excluuuseeeeev shopping destination, where the Armani Exchange and the Coach store and all that are.

Yes, that's sideways. Sorry.
Like many malls, this one had cars on display, largely, it appeared, to entertain the menfolk.
The grey one is a Porsche. The orange one is a Lamborghini. I don't know why Lambos come in M&M colors.
I read a quote from Zsa Zsa Gabor once that said it was always better to have a Bentley than a Rolls, 'cause come the revolution all the Rolls drivers would be loaded into tumbrils but the Bentley drivers might skate by. I didn't get a picture of the Maserati parked next to valet parking–I don't know if it was there on display or if the driver was enough of a special snowflake not to want his baby rubbing hubcaps with the Beemers in the deck. I know the collections at the Smithsonian, for example, weren't gathered by a workers' collective, but the notion of driving the price of a house is just…odd.
Strangely the highest-end restaurant at the food court is Johnny Rockets–I would have expected a California Pizza Kitchen at least. I found a pair of jeans for less than $40 at Belk's, which is an anchor store sort of on a par with Macy's.
After Phipps we went to Cafe Intermezzo for what turned out to be cake-for-dinner.
Cafe I. has real food but is known for its desserts.
If you want dessert you go up to the front of the cafe where there are two full cases of lovely baked goods. A lovely young lady in a short black skirt called the Dessert Concierge (the lady is the concierge, the skirt is named Bob) answers questions and writes your order on a sticky note to give to your server.
The desserts were lovely, though we were seated next to the door to the restrooms and served by a forgetful server (ordering errors, no coffee refills, late with the bill) so I didn't feel bad at all that one of my companions slipped a cream pitcher into her purse (tiny china thing at most $2 retail)–I thought the restaurant owed us a tip.

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