How Fetching!

I have a notion that there’s a list of projects in the knitting universe that every knitter has to do, and once they’re done you can put down your needles (for a moment) and say “Now I Am A Knitter.” I call it the Bat Knitzvah.

Fetching mitts are high up on the Bat Knitzvah list–over 15,000 projects on Ravelry as I write this. I had Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and a friend with a birthday on hand, so it seemed like a good time to tick that off.

The pattern says you maybe, might could, could possibly do a pair of Fetching with one ball of yarn. Once I was done with the main part of the mitts I had about two yards of yarn left over–it would probably be enough to finish up the thumb openings with a sewn bindoff but not enough to do the four rounds around the thumb opening the pattern calls for. When I weighed the finished mitts (yay new scale!) I came up with 52 grams, so the one ball of yarn was two grams short. Fortunately I had some extra yarn from another project, but if I were to do these again I might shorten the cuffs, do only two cable twists instead of three to start the mitts, to make sure one ball would be enough.

I’m also not crazy about the thumb–it seems like there’s a lot of mess there with the final cable turn and the stitching up and all. Figuring out a proper thumb gusset or continuing the line of purl stitches to the end of the thumb would probably make it better.

I like the feel of the Cashmerino Aran but all the cables seem a bit fussy—Dashing, Fetching’s plain sibling, is more to my taste, but these are a gift and I hope the recipient will like them. They’re meant to replace the previous mitts I did for her, out of Lion Brand Chenille, which are about the size and thickness of potholders and while warm make it hard to type.

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