Walter Mitties

How sweet! They’re the Sock Yarn Mini Warmers (ravelry link) by Melissa “Missa” Hills. They only took a couple of evenings, so they were able to satisfy that “must make a finished object!” thing you get (well, I get, being project orientated and all) when you’ve been working on bigger projects. The pattern is dope-slap simple: *smack forehead* who knew it could be that easy?

I was trying to do an action shot with my camera timer here. You can see how the mitts fit, just barely touching the base of the thumb, and I even knitted an extra .25 inch or so because I wasn’t paying attention it seemed like a good idea at the time. Is that a flaw or a feature? I waffle back and forth–a longer cuff would make them more practical as mitts but the wee-tiny-shortness is part of the cuteness. The small size is snug on my peasanty paws, so I can’t really wear them over other gloves, but if they were looser they’d just be annoying if I wore them on their own.

So…they are what they are, and I’m happy with what they are, because if they were different then they’d be different, wouldn’t they? Very woolly zen, that.

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