Posting while I can

I bought the yarn for these on my birthday. It's still in the neighborhood of 90F down here, though, so I won't be able to wear them for a while. These are the first socks with toes properly grafted together, which I was able to do by–get this–reading the instructions and following them step by step. Imagine!

Yes, those are my black dress pants Sally is napping on. My fault for putting them in her spot.

This morning I found a hairball in the living room as long as my hand. Cursory forensic examination made me think it came from Sukey.

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One Response to Posting while I can

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Please keep in touch — Redscylla has a site where she is collecting up addresses for us refugees. I don't know much about refugee camps, but I'll bet sock knitting is a valuable asset in one.Good (?) job, Sukey?

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