This cat wants something.

I believe you have forgotten something here.

Starting with a photo less fuzzy than she is.

Today I finished one project, a decorating a bat house to be auctioned off (silently, I think) for CASA, a group that advocates for children in family court.

Spackle ho!

Bat house plain

I like bats the way the peasants in Fiddler on the Roof liked the Tsar: “May God bless and keep the Tsar…far away from us.” Bats eat bugs, so that’s good, but that doesn’t mean I want to share housing with them.


Bat house fancy

This is supposed to be a message center sort of thing, with chalkboard paint on the front, a hook for your dog leash on the side, and a space to keep your grocery bags so they’d be handy for picking up dog poo. I’m not so sure how well the bag idea will actually work. The string bag is for ecological grocery shopping but right now holds chalk and an eraser.

I’m glad to get this done because I have four (4) cakes to do in the next three weeks. This week is just a plain one, but next week are two fancy ones, one for a baseball party and one with squirrels.

Am I the last person to read Hyperbole and a Half? Today’s post on oral surgery made me laugh til I wept.

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3 Responses to This cat wants something.

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    What does this cat want? Apparently not a bat thing or a storage hanging thing or even cakes. Methinks you have one unfinished project to attend to.

  2. lurkertype says:

    All the plates are empty. Duh. Sally needs to get her nosh on.

  3. lurkertype says:

    I printed her “Better Pain Scale” post and took it to my pain doctor. He LOL and thought it was great although he can’t use the f-word in the office.

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