Cake 1 of 5

Strawberry cake

It’s baking season! I have 5 cakes due between now and October 8. They’re all birthday cakes. This cake is for a girl/woman turning 19, and the only brief was “she likes strawberries.” I sent it off with a container of crushed strawberries to pour over the slices, since I couldn’t think of any way to incorporate them without making the cake soggy.

Next up is a vegan chocolate/cherry/coffee/Cheerwine cake for a coworker, already baked and due Tuesday. I baked it after watching an episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts so I might have been a little over-open to innovation in flavors (I was also thinking cayenne pepper and eyeing the merlot, but I didn’t go that far). I don’t know what I’m going to do for a glaze.

Next up is a baseball cake for an eight year old, due Thursday, then a squirrel cake for another colleague, due Saturday. The October 8 cake has an earth/ecological theme, for 10 year old. Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to Cake 1 of 5

  1. That’s lovely! I really can’t wait to see how you do a squirrel cake.

    I’m so excited — I found a Canadian baking supplies site with all kinds of good stuff, so I don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping from the US. I just ordered a 36-cupcake carrier, edible gold glitter shaped like stars, bone sprinkles (of course) and chocolate transfer sheets, which I only just heard about this weekend and am really excited to try.

  2. Lowly Second Attendant says:

    That cake looks gorgeous. I love strawberries. Do you think a strawberry upside down cake could be made to work somehow?

    • pegoftilling says:

      Well…it could be just a matter of taste, but I don’t think strawberries improve with baking like pineapple does–what if you did a disk of strawberries with gelatin in the same size pan as your cake, then unmolded the disk and put it on top of your cake, with a layer of whipped cream to hold it together? or maybe you could make a strawberry ice cream cake?

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