Boy shorts club

So I went lingerie shopping yesterday, and after she rang me up the nice lady at the counter said, “For spending over $50 you get a free panty!” So yes, boy shorts ahoy, up to a $6.99 value. I’m not posting pictures but they’re white with red flowers.

(NB: a $6.99 panty? I’m used to paying that for a package of six!)

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5 Responses to Boy shorts club

  1. lurkertype says:

    Wow, same here. My last trip, I went to grab the 6-pack, but it had bonus to make it 8 for $6.99. And I had a coupon, so ended up with 50 cents per pair. I hope you enjoy your pricier undies.

    • pegoftilling says:

      I feel like I should keep them for Christmas and birthdays. Or wear them on the outside of my clothes.

      • lurkertype says:


        I used to have lucky undies in college. They were the comfiest, least stylish ones. I wore them during exams. People laugh at granny panties, but it’s one less thing to worry about during finals.

  2. Jaypo says:

    “Or wear them on the outside of my clothes.”

    LOL! But then everyone would know how much you pay for panties. That would probably supercede any conversation about why you’re wearing outside your clothes.

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