Randomy post

An artist whose work I would buy if I had a million zlotnys. Especially if she could do Sally and Sukey dolls.

Latest cake(s):

Big cake

Little cake

This was for a 1st birthday party, so the mother requested a smash cake in the interest of entertainment and hygiene. The theme of the party was books, and the little girl likes butterflies. This isn’t my favorite cake ever–the original plan was to have more than one thing that started with B, but that looked junky, and one big butterfly looked unbalanced, and…and after I scraped the decorations off for the third time and made a fresh batch of icing I realized the Perfect was the Enemy of the Good Enough and it was nearly midnight, for heaven’s sake, so I should just get on with it already. The mother and her guests liked it, though.

Christmas hat knitting continues, although my brother and dad have me stumped: Dad’s never specified any hat preference beyond “subtle,” which probably means grey, and I haven’t seen my brother wear a hat since elementary school.

This is my new hat:

Flowery headband

I’m going with “adorkable” as a description. Last Christmas my sister in law told me she could always find me in a crowd because she could see my bright pink hat, and since I’m the shortest in the family I thought I should go with something visible.

Sally says no.

I particularly like her Expression of Suffering here.

Saturday a friend and I will be going to Atlanta to see Anthony Bourdain speak. As sneery as he might be over a dinner that doesn’t involve snout and entrails, we’re planning to go to Steak n’ Shake first: they have their holiday shakes on the menu. Peppermint and chocolate FTW!

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2 Responses to Randomy post

  1. Lauri says:

    Awwww! The cakes are SO cute! I can just see the little 1 year old diving into that small cake! Wheeee!

    Your hat IS adorable! Very very cute! I love the word adorkable, though!

    Sally has no idea how awesome she looks in that hat! 😉

  2. Jane George says:

    My daughter took me to Anthony Bourdain last year, really enjoyed, lots of laughing!

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