Don’t TSA me, bro!

I had to fly to Boston after hearing all the furor over the new full-body x-rays/gropy pat-downs, so I was a bit nervous about it, nervous enough to plan a completely NOTHING TO SEE HERE outfit to wear, down to a sports bra so my underwires wouldn’t beep. Postmodern passive aggression: comply with authority, complain about it on the interwebs later.

As it happened…nothing happened. Going through security was just like every other flight: shoes and coat in a box, carryons on the belt, and me through the metal detector. A woman ahead of me in line (she was wearing awsum holiday kneesox under her boots) got wanded but I didn’t see anything untoward (but I didn’t ask how she felt about it). I was travelling two major airports, too, Hartsfield/Jackson and Logan.

So. Is all the excitement a blogospheric frenzy? Did I just miss any available examples of TSA paranoia and creepiness? I don’t know. If I hadn’t been listening to the news I wouldn’t have noticed anything different. I’m not discounting anyone else’s experience (and believe me, I’m well aware that a middle-aged white woman in a Hope College sweatshirt and sized-for-comfort jeans is going to be overlooked a lot faster than almost anyone), but that was mine.

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6 Responses to Don’t TSA me, bro!

  1. Lauri says:

    When hubby and I went to Vegas in September the Detroit Metro airport was starting up their full body scanners for the first time. I was The First Person through the scanner. They were all gathered around. They kept asking me, “Have you removed everything from your pockets?”

    Then I got a patdown.

    It was weird, but I was pretty much “Well, they’re trying to stop airplanes from being bombed”… I didn’t complain.

  2. pegoftilling says:

    So maybe Detroit Metro has them and Logan and ATL don’t? since from what I heard you have to Strike A Pose to go through them I thought I would have noticed. Come to think of it, ATL did have signs about the full-body scanners, but I came away thinking (perhaps erroneously) they would be Step 2 if you set off the regular metal detectors.

    When my nephew was tiny my dad and brother took him to a Cubs game, and he set off the metal detector as they were flying home–his pockets were full of bottle caps he picked up at the ball park. That was pre-9/11, so who knows what would happen now!

    • Lauri says:

      Yeah, that’s probably it. I had to stand with my arms straight out to the sides, in T position.

      I kept thinking that it was weird, but not weird enough to go to a protest about it!

    • Jaypo says:

      My bracelet set off the alarm in the courthouse once. And one old prof at work sets off the theft alarm all the time, even when h’s not carrying anythting. Karma.

      btw, peg, can you see my blob? Drude and a few other peeps just told me they can’t. I don’tknow if I have your username right… 😦

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