Random Links are Random

This made me laugh, not so much for the shirt (I lime Amy March? wut?) but for the concept and the comments–such strong feelings!

Find a street named for you…or at least one that shares your name (this may be U. S. only, sorry)

I bought myself a Valentine. No, I don’t need more yarn, and I don’t know what I’m going to knit with it, but that’s so not the point.

Super Bowl Cake

This weekend I was able to try out the pan I got for Christmas–at first I was sorry the sprinkles ran, but then I realized that it was the green color that was running, so it made the stands look full of Packer fans.

Bonus randomy randomness: for work I’m drawing a leprechaun throwing Mardi Gras beads (last week I got to draw a surfing hamster, love my job!) so looking for sources I ran across this, which is only interesting if you think it would be funny to send someone 34 dozen strings of beads as a surprise gift. I’m kinda sorry the 35lb. pot-luck case is out of stock. Though I don’t think I’d want to pay shipping on 35lbs of anything.


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6 Responses to Random Links are Random

  1. Lurkertype says:

    is that Sukey having a snorf of Edward’s floofy tail up top there?

    Did you put a field in the stadium?

  2. snoringKatZ says:

    Oh my goodness – I lime Amy – HAAAHAHAHAHA! I truly have no recollection of reading the book(s) but I know I did. Now I want to read it/them again just so I can join in the hatefest. That was way too much funny.

    Great cake! Great yarn! Something could be done with those too things…

  3. AuntieBellum says:

    The sprinkles do look just like thousands of tiny little sports fans. Hehe!

    Little Women is one of my favoritest books, and the significance of limes is that when Amy March (the youngest of the sisters) was in school, she got in trouble with the teacher for bringing pickled limes to class after he had specifically forbidden them.

    I’m not sure what “I lime” is supposed to mean, though…

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