Unseasonably Warm

I do not want to go into the glowing blue mouse.

Saturday was a lovely day, so I went to the zoo.

I *am* cute, really.

Most people don’t know that Athens has a zoo. It is of a size that you could see it all in 15 minutes, 30 tops.

It is called Bear Hollow. This is a bear, in a hollow.

Although I try to frame my photos to crop out people (do you ever wonder how many family albums you’re in, just a strange face in a crowd?) I can tell you that the world and his wife, their children, parents, dogs, and wheeled accessories were visiting Bear Hollow as well. I lucked into a parking space so splendid that I felt morally obliged to get out of it as soon as my walk around the zoo was over.

Wait! Aren't I nocturnal?

Most of the animals in Bear Hollow can’t live in the wild because of injuries; some are just temporary residents while they heal, but the large raptors are permanent, with visible wing damage.


After the zoo I went to the Botanical Garden. It was crowded too, but has more parking. Where the zoo was filled with families the garden was filled with college students, getting a head start on their spring break tans.


It’s early for the gardens to be really pretty–azalea season is amazing–but it was nice to be out in the sun.

This one goes out to Papa Miao and all the other Wisconsin union members.

The gardens has a greenhouse for tropical plants. The orchids look like they’re shouting, or singing.

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2 Responses to Unseasonably Warm

  1. Lauri says:

    Thanks for the glimpse of spring! My hyacinth sprouts got covered with 15 inches of that cold white stuff yesterday!
    I don’t begrudge winter it’s fits. Because I know that soon….very soon, it will be GONE! 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    I wondered about the barn owl in the daytime. I’ve been watching an owlbox webcam again. Three eggs hatched, three to go. They have an infrared cam going at night and full color in the daytime.

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