It’s internet weird

The flickr page has snark about Nick and Santino, that's how old it is

This picture is titled “Sally watches Project Runway” nd it has been viewed over 750 times, with big bumps in views in just the past couple of days. I looked at referrers, but didn’t see anything until I googled the page url–apparently there’s a thing called Mashpedia, that groups together stuff from various internet sites, and this picture shows up on a page for an actress named Sally Gray–linked, one assumes, because Sally was a gray cat. There’s also pictures of Sally Hansen gray nail polish. I hope the actress doesn’t mind.

I still miss Sally a dreadful lot. She was a friend, not just a cat.

Sukey and Edward got into a Thing last night, at 12:30am, thank you, with Sukey screaming and Edward chasing her from one end of the house to the other (at least Sukey didn’t do panic pee this time). When Edward’s charming he’s really charming, but when he gets fixed on Sukey he’s really fixed, and only a Time Out can reset his brain.

Have you used Feliway? Do you think it would help?

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3 Responses to It’s internet weird

  1. Lauri says:

    Isn’t that strange about the internet? I never look to see who or what or where or why anyone is ending up at anything I post. I might get disturbed and I love my ignorant bliss.

    Awwww. Sally. Hugs. It’s not fun missing them, is it?

    We shut different cats in different sleeping places for the night. Then no one gets in a snit and pees in someone else’s room.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Feliway didn’t work here. Of course, TK is substantially dumber than Edward. Tortie doesn’t panic pee, but she does scream and get her fur ripped off. Time Outs don’t work on him either. So I’m really no help.

    It’s good to see Sally again.

  3. Marie says:

    We tried Feliway. Didn’t do a thing. I had such high hopes for it, too.

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