A cake for someone moving to Cincinnati

Cincinnati chili

Cincinnati chili cake

My parents went to Cincinnati a few years ago and I said “you have to try the Skyline chili!” because I read about it somewhere. They went, then said “Well! we went.” but I don’t think they wanted to go again.

The person who is moving to Cincinnati is actually from Cincinnati, so she spoke with knowledge when she described this cake as a three-way (I said “…and you know how I feel about a three-way!” but I don’t think anyone heard): spaghetti, chili, and cheese. Four- and five-way would add beans and onions. The chili has a strong cinnamon flavor because it comes from Greek diners.

The part of the spaghetti is played by buttercream, the chili is played by Trader Joe’s frozen Cherry-Berry Mix, and the cheese is white chocolate melted, dyed, spread in a pan, cooled, and chopped. Inside is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

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3 Responses to A cake for someone moving to Cincinnati

  1. Redscylla says:

    I was wondering what the deviled eggs in the background were made of. Then I realized they were made of deviled eggs. Damn all this trompe l’oeil food!

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