smallfall11 by U-EET
smallfall11, a photo by U-EET on Flickr.

…the poster with the cat was rejected for the bake sale, grounds given as 1) it would offend people who don’t like cats (pfft!) and 2) proximity of kitteh to cake would indicate cat hair in the baked goods (which I think is pretty funny). So this poster is what we’re going with, although the staff association asked me to take the message off the bags in case someone found it unappetizing.

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8 Responses to Unfortunately

  1. Laurie says:

    “Smell my feet” is the best part of this one!! That staff association is nuts!
    I’m surprised they don’t object to this one on the grounds that it shows non-hermetically sealed, unwrapped treats which could have been (gasp) tampered with, in a trick or treat bag.

  2. Lauri says:

    *big eyeroll*
    Creating posters is a lot more difficult these days. Too much damn nitpicking. (oh, did I offend someone by saying “nit”?)

  3. Marie says:

    I like the cat poster better. The other members of the Library Staff Association are stick-in-the-muds.

  4. aubrey says:

    Well, robots offend me. So no one’s getting my coin.

    (I lie – if I was in the vicinity, I would surely visit: but you know what I mean)

  5. littlemiao says:

    Aw. In my opinion, if people dislike cats that much then they don’t deserve books or treats. The revised poster is cute (cupcakes!), and even cuter when I imagine that my two miaolings are in the costumes peering out at us.

  6. elizabethannewrites says:

    I particularly like LittleM’s idea — there are cats INSIDE the costumes!

    They still allow baking near books, with all their other restrictions? Amazing. If I’d been there I’d have bought some baking and some books, and I’d have asked if they had any cats.

    (Morgat is on the prowl, catching up with buddies.)

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