Where have I been?

It's been a long time since my last post.

I haven’t forgot you all, it’s just my brain has been full.

First I went home for Christmas.

Why I live in Georgia.

We went to a place called Zehnder’s, where they serve family-style chicken dinners.

Quisling Chicken + my nephew

Over the course of his life my nephew has had his picture taken with over 100 sports mascots. I don’t think this counts.

We also went to a place called Bronner’s, the world’s largest Christmas store.

They have ornaments for everyone.


Dexter visits Santa

Also we went to an MSU basketball game.

I think AmyH was at the same game...

...but our seats were up here.

After I got home from Michigan, Mom and Dad came to visit.

Dad built me a shed from scratch.

It was amazing, he made it up as he went along like it was no big deal.

Also gymnastics season has started.

The biggest thing that’s taking my time, though, is that I had a pattern idea accepted for a knitting book, and now I actually have to write up the pattern and knit samples. The book is also asking for a recipe, so I’m going to try to work on that this weekend: I’m thinking cake batter fried like pancakes–it’s supposed to be something late 18th/early 19th century schoolgirls would do for fun–so that may show up here in a bit.

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5 Responses to Where have I been?

  1. Laurie says:

    That is so cool that your pattern will be published! What’s it a pattern for — have we seen it? Please post the fried cake recipe, too, please, if it works out, it sounds neat.

    Your dad’s work is amazing. Is he an engineer by training?

    • pegoftilling says:

      It’s a pattern for fingerless gloves, with a secret initial or something knitted into the palm of the hand, something a teenager with a crush might do. I thought of you when I was complaining that my brain was full, writing and working and blogging and baking and rescuing cats–I’m such a slacker.

      I’m thinking that I’ll put the cake batter in the skillet, then add some jelly and coconut or walnuts–if that doesn’t work I’ll try baking them like cookies.

      Dad is amazing! He’s a retired history teacher with a well-equipped workshop, but he’s been buying me enough tools that the only thing he really needed to bring from home was his table saw. I asked him how he learned to do this stuff, and he said he learned a bit from working at an office furniture factory (my grandfather worked there, too, as an electrician, and family legend says he wired tables for the Manhattan Project), from a friend who was a master carpenter, and from screwing up a lot of stuff.

      • Laurie says:

        I’m flattered that you thought of me, but I’ve been a slacker since the holidays myself — except for work. I’m just ending my writing break this past week, and I haven’t gone out cat trapping in ages (something about the standing outside in winter just doesn’t appeal). I’m making some Robin Hood-themed cupcakes for a commission this week coming, and that’s my first real baking since Christmas, too.

  2. Lauri says:

    Your dad and my dad! What would we do without them?
    The shed looks amazing!
    I lol’d at Dexter visits Santa! I have been to Bronner’s many times. It’s a hoot, but I definitely don’t need any more Christmas ornaments! Or Precious Moments…I’ll be inheriting my MILs I am sure……ebay here we come…or Goodwill! 😉

  3. Redscylla says:

    Santa totally had it coming. Just an endless series of breaking & entering.

    Isn’t there a Farside cartoon in which a kid raises his hand and asks to be excused from class because his brain is full? That’s how I feel sometimes, too. Glad you’re back, though.

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