Some new or renewed things

...and yes, that is Damon Salvatore in a towel.

So yesterday I switched my phone and internet from ATT to Charter–it’s not a great choice between the two but there was a bundle offer to make it cheaper, etc. etc. The installation went well but when I tried to get my Roku box (it’s a thing that connects to the wireless internet so I can stream Netflix and stuff) to speak to the new modem it wouldn’t. Just wouldn’t. I spent a lovely afternoon on chat service with the Roku people, trying many things and getting nowhere, a wasted, wasted day.

About 4 I gave up and went to the Botanical Gardens to save a bit of the nice weather looking at flowers:


Cherry blossoms and pollinator



Cabbage (I thought they were pretty too)

I figure that if my biggest problem is not being able to see old episodes of Top Gear over Netflix I’m probably doing pretty well–it was still tempting to scream for a technical-minded acquaintance and go puff cigarettes like a dragon in the backyard until he figured it out. I sent Roku an email so we’ll see if anyone back in the office has a better idea than turning the box off and turning it on again.

I was determined not to waste today, though. I had breakfast in the back yard with the pollen and the tree flowers (the pollen count has been in the 9Ks this week; because of the mild winter and early spring horticulturalists say pollen season will be bigger but less spread out than usual, because everything will dump at once) with the cats watching me through the windows, and then I got out the sewing machine I got for Christmas (it only took me three months to get it out, but it’s out, okay?) My first project:

Cocktail napkins

Shabby chic, really and for true! They may just look like squares with a bit of zigzag stitching around the fraying edge, but I had to, you know, measure! and turn corners! It was a real project, honest! I tried to do a bit of strip piecing with the scraps but I’m not sure where that’ll go.

Edward supervised from a pillow fortress

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  1. I love the fabrick it is so pretty.

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