Hm. Long time since I posted…


This was my brother’s significant birthday present: yes, there is a roll of toilet paper under the skirt.

The recap I left the google hangout last night to write is here. I know nothing about dance so I just snark on the costumes.

What else happened over the summer…? my library got renovated, so it’s totally different from what it’s been for the first 20 years of my employment. The student paper interviewed me about it–nothing special there, I was the one on the desk when the reporter came in–you can see the new interior better in the video. When I told the reporter “I started work here in 1991–please don’t tell me you were born in 91!” I really didn’t want to hear “I was born in 1993.” Excuse me while I get my cane. At least I can knit my own shawl.

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