Edward plays meme-cat

DSCN7776 by U-EET
DSCN7776, a photo by U-EET on Flickr.

I remembered what I forgot in my last post–

Do you remember my friend Amy and her cats, who took part in a UGA/National Geographic kitty cam study? Her cats (and about 60 others) were wired with tiny cameras and sent outside to see what they did all day. She was interviewed by local news, and the story was picked up by national news, and about a week ago Amy was interviewed by 20/20, and her segment is scheduled to be on Friday 9/7.

The first round of news stories was cats! cameras! cute! but the second round of stories, after the study had presented its data, was cats! birdkillers! bad! so I don’t know how 20/20 is going to go.

Haven’t done much baking–the last thing was some cupcakes for a charity auction–I put a note on them saying they should be kept cold, because the cream cheese icing got very soft at room temp, but I didn’t say that by “very soft” I meant “pretty much liquid” so I don’t know how the sale went.

I did put a new glaze on the cupcakes, under the icing: small jar of orange marmelade and about a tablespoon of icing, heated on the stove, with toasted walnuts added. Nom!

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3 Responses to Edward plays meme-cat

  1. Lauri says:

    I’ll be interested to see how 20/20 does with the cat subject!
    Love this picture of Edward!

  2. aubrey says:

    Lovely picture. Blocks of primary colors, with a majestic, fluffy cat to rule over them all.

  3. littlemiao says:

    Edward is magnificently floofy.

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