Cake delivered safely, thank you!

The birthday parents own a liquor store, so the cake got to spend the night before the party in the beer cooler. The delivery’s the hardest part, I swear!

The weird thing from yesterday–when I got home from work the neighbors from across the street came over and said they saw a kid steal a package off my front porch. They’d called 911 and the police had their hands on the kid, and found the packaging with my name on it but not the contents. What was in the box? A Barack Obama birth certificate mug. I’m afraid the kid was disappointed with his loot.

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2 Responses to Cake delivered safely, thank you!

  1. Lauri says:

    I lol’d! I’m sorry you lost your mug, though.
    Stupid kid.
    I have an Obama/Biden magnet coming!

  2. littlemiao says:

    yay for the cake.
    but it is quite awful that your mug was stolen. boo. 😦
    We always get packages on the front porch and I have never worried before.

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