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I am a terrible mother.

Cat breading.

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How ’bout them caramel apples?

Materials: Worsted weight yarn in caramel color (CC), apple color (AC), and stick color (SC). I used Wool-Ease. US4 dpns (set of 5) Polyfil or other stuffing Yarn needle With CC, CO 4 st and knit I-cord for 3 inches. … Continue reading

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A Thor-ish Mask

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Let the orange be orange

And that’s a lot of orange. I had to bring the yarn in a little sooner than I wanted because it started to rain, but on the whole, I’m happy with how it turned out–there are some blank spots where … Continue reading

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Badventures in Dyeing

As with many other things, there is a Correct way to dye yarn, and then there’s chucking some yarn in a bucket with a color to see what comes out. It’s common among knitters to have many UFOs–UnFinished Objects–and that … Continue reading

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Help request: Super Survey!

Once a year, during employee appreciation week at my library, we play a Family Feud type game. Would you like to give us the answers to our questions? Our survey is here: Thank you! the theme is superheroes in … Continue reading

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Morning haiku

Untitled, a photo by U-EET on Flickr. Edward at my knee And Gypsy at my ankle Sorry kids gotta pee I’ve been using “on the bed at the same time” as a benchmark for cat amicability–of course it’s been cold, … Continue reading

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